SEO ppt
Hello Polytechnic University students,
This month you will setup an Artificial Intelligence that can write content for you, example here with a Health Insurance broker. Isn't cool? The original one is a french artificial intelligence that can write by himself perfect content in French.
I have just adapted the system to the english market but no human has never correct the artificial Intelligence in english, so right now it is a but stupid. but with your help it will be smart very fast.

Step 1 : Create your account here

Step 2 : Go here to get 2 randum topics

Step 3 : For each topic create a 2 word pages of content. Do not write it by yourself, it is a waste of time, copy paste it from any competitors or content online.
The content need to be marketed oriented. You should be able to use it to present a client website with it.

Step 4 : Add customised tags #companyname# #city# #phone# #WhatEverYouwantAsTag#

Step 5 : Automatically randumize sentence by sentence with this tool

Step 6 : Use the artificial intelligence here to randumize the content

Step 7 : Correct the synonyms suggested by the AI. Validate them by clicking on the button "Validate new synonyms"

Step 8 : Once you have correct all the synonyms, regenerate the content once again.

Step 9 : Read the matrix of content created by the AI, and correct mistakes and add error to the dictionnary

Step 10 : (Optional) Save the Matrice in the backoffice here

Step 11 : Use the testor to generate all possible text from the section "Read all possible versions:"

Step 12 : Read all of it and correct the matrix (not the generated text, always correct in the matrix), and add correction to the AI dictionnary

Step 13 : Save your job in the backoffice here

Step 14 : Call the teacher or start the next topic